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Nazara Cafe & Home Stay

Location : Kasauli (Himachal Pradesh)
Distance : 35km from Chandigarh
Area : Hill Area with Natural Climate

Nazara Cafe & Home stay is located on Old kasauli road. Its  famous for its natural waterfall, Green environment,and  Family atmosphere. Its located on the road side and covers all around with Trees, Flowers and wild area. You can get facilities like Clean Rooms, Water Pool,Water Fall, Fresh and Quality Food in Nazara Cafe & Home stay.

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Places to Visit In Kasauli


Kasauli is a hilly cantonment town which makes for an ideal peaceful holiday location. Kasauli is a small hill station in the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh and established by the British Raj in 1842. Kasauli hill station 77 km from Shimla, 65 km from Chandigarh. Kasauli is very rich in flora and fauna [...]

Homestay in near Kasauli


Himachal Pradesh is the one of the best and beautiful place for the visitors choice . If you are planning to visit  Kasauli and searching for a Family Home stay near Kasauli with swimming-pool , family atmosphere and with waterfall then your search ends here….. Village Jangeshu is just 15km away from main Kasauli and there […]

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You can easily reach Nazara Homestay from anywhere in India. Its 2 hours journey from Chandigarh.
If you are coming from Chandigarh then simply follow Chandigarh-Shimla highway and take left turn from Parwanoo to old Kasoli road.
For further Information you can get directions from Google



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Enjoy a Day in Mountains Hills, Fresh Air, Natural water-fall, Green Environment in Nazara Cafe & Home Stay Jangeshu (Kasauli)

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